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Halfnight & McKinlay Professional Corporation

is a specialty practice in insurance advice and litigation. Even within this field, we tend to specialize, having seen over the 28 years of our legal practice that this field is sufficiently broad that an “all things to all people” approach can be a recipe for inadequate and overly costly service.

The predominant portion of our practice involves commercial lines of insurance. Our approach of careful and in-depth analysis of the factual and legal problems our clients face, is well-suited to this area. Being a small firm that has little desire to emulate our bigger-firm brethren, we do not seek to handle “commodity” insurance litigation, i.e. the sorts of lines of business that throw up numerous cases of similar shape and size. Rather, we have found our niche in handling cases that are more unique, generally larger and more complex, the sort of cases that benefit from careful analysis, strategizing and client consultation.

We more often act for, rather than against, insurance companies, but are finding that larger corporate clients are now seeking our specialist’s advice and representation more often – perhaps out of a desire to obtain high-quality service on an efficient and cost-effective basis. Our cutting-edge technological capabilities has allowed us to overcome the capacity limitations that many small firms labour under, and have lead to our retainer in a number of large cases that demand a resource-intensive approach.

We do not limit ourselves to commercial cases where our involvement is a logical outgrowth of our areas of specialized knowledge. For example, our long-standing expertise in cases involving civil fraud has supported the development of an active residential/recreational property arson and fraud specialty. Our acknowledged expertise in CGL coverage and duty-to-defend issues has lead to extensive involvement in first-party, personal-lines liability issues of all types.

It can be difficult to categorize a practice such as ours, but we have attempted to do that under the headings shown in the tabs to the left. If you don’t find what you are looking for there, but it appears to fit with something we have mentioned on this site, please contact us to discuss your particular need or interest.